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Supporting the music...

Your music is a part of who you are. Creating visuals to accompany it is a vulnerable and meticulous process. Playing piano for 11 years, being engaged a full-time musician, and just being a fan of music in general, I have a deep respect and understanding for musicians and their art form. To me, directing and shooting visuals to support these talented creators is the ultimate collaboration.

Telling a story...

The goal for a music video is to persuade the audience to fall deeper into the emotions that the song is portraying. It's all about storytelling. Having spent four years getting my Bachelors Degree in Film Production, I have spent numerous hours studying the art of storytelling. During my time in college, I developed a particular love for storytelling through music videos and have worked with countless musicians since to make videos that they are proud to call their own. I would be honored to do the same for you. 



Pricing for Music Video projects depends on the scope of the project, amount of locations, actors, etc. 

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Let's tell your story

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