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Picture this...

You are your beau are madly in love and you want to freeze this time in your life forever. So you book a shoot with me, get to dress up and have a cute, romantic date with your partner. I give you poses and prompts to make you both feel comfortable in front of the camera. Neither of you feel awkward or stiff because you're in your natural habitat: being your authentic selves with each other. And then, a couple days later, you get to relive all the heart melting moments over a cup of coffee, a margarita, or whatever tickles your fancy. Honestly, what is there not to love? Let's get this thing on the books. 

True to you...

A couple's shoot is all about telling your story and I want the location, outfits, props, and poses to reflect that. You met surfing? Let's go to the beach and shoot there! Are you introverts who like to stay home, cook, and watch Netflix? Let's shoot in your comfiest outfit in your kitchen! Dancing enthusiasts? I want to capture you doing what you love! Once you contact me to book a shoot, I will work with you to figure out a location, outfits, and props, if any, that will help to best tell your story. That way the results are true to you and will become memories you cherish for years to come.


30 Minute Session


Perfect for couples who want a chill session to ease themselves into what posing for photos is like.

100-200 edited photos

60 Minute Session


Perfect for engagement sessions and for adding in variety in locations and outfits.

200-300 edited photos

Let's capture some magic together

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