$100 for 30 mins / $200 for 60 mins

Portrait photography is my absolute favorite thing to shoot! Whether it is for promotional material or just for fun, I would love to shoot your next project with you! From creating the concept and mood boards to planning outfits and executing on the vision, I'll be with you through every step of the process. 


$150 for 30 mins / $300 for 60 mins

I'm a biiiig fan of love. That's why couples photography will forever hold a special place in my heart. Bring your honey and prepare to make some magic. Don't worry if you think you'll feel awkward in front of the camera or don't know how to pose, taking care of that is my job :)  I promise, you'll be blown away at how effortless and romantic the results will be.



Packages Starting at $1500

Weddings are so special and every single one is different. Having shot weddings for the last 5 years I know that this is the case. That's why I've creating a Build-You-Own-Package system. This means you can create the wedding package that fits your own budget and needs for your day. Contact me to get the package guide and let's get talking!



Having worked in digital marketing for the last several years, I know the power excellent visuals have in communicating your brand to your customers. As a business owner myself, I know the passion it takes to run your own business and I would love nothing more than helping communicate your passion into tangible visuals. 


Prices Vary


Commercial work, music videos, documentaries, promotional videos, etc. vary in price depending on the scope of the project. If you are interested in working together on a project similar to one of these, please contact me for an estimate